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What We Do

We share our years of experience and expertise working in the home building industry with homeowners, in order to eliminate the stress, aggravation, and anxiety associated with home remodels and construction projects.


How We Help

The Well Planned Home is an innovative consulting service that helps you during the critical pre-planning stages of your project by addressing the hundreds of personal decisions regarding products, materials and features.


Why We Are Unique

Our ability to understand the needs and wants of homeowners and contractors makes us unique. Therefore, we know what can and usually does go wrong when these two factions are not on the same page.

Miscommunication, forgotten items, unspecified items, expensive change orders, and delays are just some of the many problems associated with home construction and remodels.

A Smooth Process

The Well Planned Home provides a solution that allows you to get complete, accurate and comparable bids that reflect everything you want in your home. We help you streamline your project so it will run efficiently, on time, and on budget so your expectations will be met. We’d love to speak with you about your project. Contact Us Today.

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Donna Sanders

Donna Sanders, founder of The Well Planned Home, has 25 years’ experience in the home building, interior design and real estate industry.   While working for a major homebuilder, Donna came to realize that homeowners were at a disadvantage when it came to the building process because they often lacked the knowledge to make prudent decisions – especially when communicating with contractors during the all-important pre-planning stage of their remodeling or new construction project.  To complicate the process, each contractor had his/her own unique way of bidding.

A problem solver at heart, and armed with a certification in construction management, a real estate broker’s license, years working for a homebuilder, and what she’d learned from helping family and friends with their remodeling projects, Donna knew there had to be an answer.  Thus, The Well Planned Home,  an easy to use process that would be invaluable to both contractors and homeowners was born.  Specifically, the tool enables homeowners to create a wish list, then convert it into a solid document that can be bid on by any contractor. Donna’s goal is to ensure that homeowners using The Well Planned Home, do not have the typical dysfunctional remodeling process, but instead experience one that is stress free, fun, and creative.