Why You Need Us

  • Allows for peace of mind from oversights
  • Minimizes overcharges and change orders
  • Reduces pricey mistakes
  • Encourages early planning to avoid construction delays
  • Educates on products, features, and materials available in today’s market
  • Provides pros and cons on various materials and products
  • Offers product selection assistance
  • Provides a tool to track manufacturers, model numbers and finishes for future reference
  • Gives you a tool to facilitate communications with your architect, designer, contractor and other team members


Our Process

The Well Planned Home is your solution to planning your remodeling or new construction project and getting complete, accurate, and comparable bids. Our process will help you select the features you want in your home. It will also improve communication between you and your contractor and other trades people who may be involved. Working out the details in the planning phase will result in a smooth and successful project.


  1. We set up an appointment to meet you at your home to discuss the project’s scope.
  2. We will bring a checklist and a lot of pictures to begin a meaningful dialog. We will go room by room and determine the features you would like to include in your home. Items such as cabinets, countertop materials, appliances, electrical, flooring, green options, aging in place options, plumbing fixtures, structural changes, etc. will be covered.
  3. Then if appropriate we will take pictures for reference.
  4. Within the next few days a spreadsheet will be provided that lists all of the features to be included in your project, along with pictures of many of the items discussed.
  5. Armed with photos and this comprehensive spreadsheet, you will have something tangible to show all potential architects, interior designers and contractors.
  6. After all bids have been received, The Well Planned Home can assist with determining the best contractor for the job. We can also make contractor reference calls.

Disclaimer: The Well Planned Home does not sell or endorse any products nor are we associated with any contractors or vendors. Our services do not include selecting specific finishes, manufacturers or model numbers.