“The tools from The Well Planned Home were very helpful to both me and my contractor. TWHP worked with me to create a good set of specifications for my project so that the contractor’s bidding on my job were all working from the same information. Using this service should help reduce the need for changes and surprise cost increases as the project progresses. TWHP was extremely knowledgeable in home building so that the details were addressed in the planning stages when it was most helpful. I recommend this company highly. I believe the end result of my remodel will be greatly improved due to the services of the Well Planned Home.”

J. Mason

homeowner, Thousand Oaks, California

”Donna Sanders of The Well Planned Home helped us get through a rather challenging process with some very demanding clients. Her process, her attention to detail and her responsiveness made what could have been a disaster into one of the better client relationships we have had.

She provided our clients who wanted several rooms in their home, including a kitchen and three bathrooms, a detailed spreadsheet of all the items they wanted included in their remodel. In most cases clients come to me with no idea of what options they want to consider, what finishes they might like and no idea about what choices they have. Getting clients to make decisions on these things can be an excruciating experience. Having those decisions made helped us get detailed drawings and specifications to the contractors bidding the project an accurate drawing package that enabled them to make extremely accurate bids. The bids that came back were very close to each other. I’m convinced the bids were close because of the detailed spreadsheets Donna provided.

Having clients understand the process and knowing what they would have to decide and when was a big payoff for me.”

J. Beck

architect, Los Angeles, California

“Our home is over 40 years old and through the years we’ve done a lot of remodeling. None went as smoothly as we would have liked. When we heard about Donna’s service, we decided to give it a try. She was easy to work with and helped us understand how to make sure the contractors we were considering were bidding on exactly the same job, even though their methods of making those bids were different. She is also an expert in the area of options and helped us narrow down our many choices of appliances, fixtures, tiles, etc. along with their prices and various pros and cons. Working with Donna made our last remodel practically a joy.”

I. Jones

homeowner, Malibu, California

“Remodeling a kitchen is such a big undertaking. I know because we’ve lived in our house for almost 50 years and this is the second kitchen remodel we’ve done. I heard about Donna and her services and thought she might be able to help head off some of the usually inevitable problems, like making wrong choices or not being aware of the many options available that lead to those annoying and expensive change orders. Donna was so great to work with. She developed a customized detailed scope of work for our remodel, and it was a wonderful tool to have when we started to take bids from contractors because It gave them a clear understanding of exactly what we were looking for with respect to our remodel. The result was a more complete and accurate bid from each contractor. Because all the contractors were bidding on the same work, we were able to easily compare bids. It helped improve communication and the remodeling process went smoothly.”

A. Ross

homeowner, Venice, California